Laminate. Steak. One we love in our homes, the other in our mouths. But there’s another difference between the two that you might not have thought about…

The average person uses about 150 to 200 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) of force when chewing down on a juicy rib-eye. Your standard laminate flooring is compressed with around 400 PSI of force. That’s double the force our jaw uses to clamp on to a steak! Yes, modern technology has enabled laminate manufacturers to create quite the durable floor. Now, that 400 PSI compression force is used in your everyday DPL (Direct-Pressure Laminate).

Some higher quality laminates, such as an HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), are made with an even higher compression force! The machines can reach over 1,300 PSI, 6 times the force our jaw can exert! You might be wondering why a higher compression force is such a big deal. Well, the more force used to compress a laminate, the denser it becomes. Denser laminates are usually more durable laminates.

There you have it; Laminates 101. Think about that next time you order a porterhouse…

-Superior Floors, where “We Speak Floors”!

By Jarek Rodriguez

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