Have you ever walked on laminate flooring that makes it sound like you’re wearing stiletto heels? You might’ve thought to yourself, “My, what cheap floors these are!” Well, don’t be quick to blame the laminate, the problem could be the underlayment. The laminate underlayment is the padding that is installed below the laminate, it serves as a moisture barrier, padding, and you guessed it, sound barrier. A cheap underlayment won’t do much in terms of sound-proofing a floor.

Thankfully, there’s products out there such as “QuietWalk” by MP Global that are excellent at keeping floors quiet. QuietWalk is a new underlayment made of a high-performing acoustic fiber designed for laminate and hardwood. It absorbs sound and isolates it so it doesn’t travel throughout your home. And as an added bonus, it’s made up of at least 94% recycled material so it’s eco-friendly! Awesome, huh?

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By Jarek Rodriguez

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