Did you know that some woods actually wouldn’t float if they were thrown into the ocean? It’s true, there are a few out there that are denser than water. How would you be able to know this, though? Well yes, there’s the obvious “just toss it into water” answer. But don’t you want to sound like an intellectual, educated conversationalist? Of course you do!

So here’s the science; water has a specific gravity of 1. That’s a base measurement-the specific gravity of all other matter is measured in comparison to that of water. So for something to sink in water it would have to be denser than it, or have a specific gravity of greater than 1. So to find out if your wood would float in water or not, look up its specific gravity! For example, the Cassia Marginata wood has a specific gravity of 1.28 so it’ll always sink in water.

Think about this next time your ship gets wrecked and you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean. You’d hate to hold on to a plank of wood with a specific gravity higher than 1…

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By Jarek Rodriguez

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