The Flooring industry has grown so much in recent years. As new products and technologies are released, competitors go right back to their drawing boards to make sure they’re on the cutting edge of innovation. Thus, customers are constantly being treated to all sorts of new products.

This doesn’t go for just floors; this process goes on in the Surfaces industry as a whole. One company that’s done a great job of staying ahead of the game is Schluter Systems. They’re all about practical tile and stone installation systems that solve many common problems installers and homeowners face. One of the lines they have to help do this is Schluter-REMA. It’s a system for creating concealed access panels in tiled walls without taking away from the aesthetics of the tile covering. This comes in handy if you have electrical components, wires, or pipes that are behind the wall of a shower but need to be accessed from time to time. Or if you’re a spy and like to keep gadgets stashed away in the shower…

The way it works is pretty amazing! Magnets are installed behind the stationary tiles that surround the panel you’ll have. These magnets extend into the opening. Then magnetic brackets are glued onto the back of the tiles that will serve as the panel cover. One single tile is adhered to the the back of these tiles to hold them together as one “door”. Finally, the tiles that make up the panel attach to the magnets in the opening and – Voila! You’ve got yourself a secret shower panel.

Products like these are the results of the creative, forward-thinking people back at Schluter Systems. We’re proud to be able to provide our customers with such innovative technology as an authorized dealer of Schluter Systems products. So if you find yourself in need of a secret shower spy panel, or any other Schluter product, come down to Superior Floors in Winter Garden, Florida so we can help you out. Because here at Superior Floors, “We Speak Floors”!

By Jarek Rodriguez

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